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Sprinkl is dedicated to good people around the world

What is Sprinkl? is a social networking site with a difference. It allows people to share postive thoughts and well-wishes with other like-minded people around the world. The big difference is that you don't know who the recipient of your messages will be. It is totally random. If they like what you say then they will pass your message on to another random user and so on. Likewise you will receive messages from other people from around the world.

Is it like sending a message in a bottle?

Yes, is a bit like writing a message and placing it in a bottle, then throwing it into the sea. You don't know who is going to find it or where it will end up. Sprinkl gives you the chance to write a message and send it on its way in the vast Internet ocean to be viewed by a random user somewhere around the world. If they like the message they send it on its way again giving someone else the opportunity to enjoy it.

Does Sprinkl represent people from all countries and religions?

Yes. It doesn't matter who you are, or where you are from, you are welcome to join. Unfortunately the system is restricted to using English as the common language as you don't know who is going to be receiving your messages.

How much does it cost?

Use of Sprinkl is free.

Why can't I choose who I send a message to?

Sprinkl is not a traditional social network site where you can have 'friends' or 'followers'. When you join Sprinkl you are part of a global community that are sharing positive thoughts with eachother.

Can I send a picture instead of a message?

Not yet but this is something that will be added to the system soon.

Why do I need to capture my town and country?

Your town is optional but it, along with the country, are shown on certain screens to allow other users to see where the message has gone around the world.

What are points for?

You can earn points for doing various things such as creating a new message or passing someone else's message on. The points can be used to change your avatar, and pay for "fines" for not doing certain things such as passing other peoples messages on.

My message has been Reported. What does that mean?

A reported message is one that another Sprinkl user has passed on to a moderator to check that it doesn't offend anyone or have any tone that is not welcome on Sprinkl. If the moderator agrees then the message will be deleted. If the moderator feels that the message is suitable then they will pass it on to another user. Any user on Sprinkl that consistently has messages reported will be deleted from the site.

What is a Closed message?

When a user feels that the message sent to them is either no longer relevant or, for any reason, they don't want to pass it on then they can close it. This effectively means that the message has come to the end of its life.

Is Sprinkl only available in English?

Yes it is. You can't use other languages as the next person to receive the message may not understand it.

What is a Fan?

If you like the messages that another user is sending out then you can let them know by becoming a fan of theirs. To do this you need to view one of their messages and then click on their user id. You then have the option to become a fan of theirs or, if need be, to no longer be a fan of theirs.

How do I earn badges?

From time to time you will see that the system adds badges to your User Home page. For example, once you have sent your first message you get a badge. The badges are just a little way of rewarding you for using the system.

Is Sprinkl available on other platforms?

Not yet. Once this website has stabilised then we will investigate making Sprinkl available on other platforms such as Android and iOs.

How do I change my Avatar?

On your user home page click the 'Settings' button. You will see your existing avatar and a button to change it.

Can I load my own picture to use as an Avatar?

No. Not at this stage.

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